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Humans are complex but intelligent beings with an equally complex neuro system. Behavioral health is the scientific study of the emotions, behaviors, and biology relating to a person’s mental well-being, their ability to function in everyday life, and their concept of self. “Behavioral health” is the preferred term to “mental health.” A person struggling with his or her behavioral health may face stress, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief, addiction, ADHD or learning disabilities, mood disorders, or other psychological concerns.

We at One Stop Behavioral health are here to help you get over all of these issues with the help of our trained and experienced team. We make sure that we provide our patients with the best form of therapy and counseling while respecting their privacy.

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An anxiety disorder refers to a specific psychiatric disorder that involves the person suffering from extreme fear or worry.

Mental Health.

The mental health of a person relates to the level of the psychological well-being of a person.


A personality disorder is a type of mental illness that involves long-term patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are unhealthy and inflexible.


Addiction is referred to as a person’s psychological as well as physical inability to stop consuming a chemical, drug, activity, or substance.

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